I attended the Sound Healing class with Aromatherapy essential oils, and right after finishing the class I felt relieved of so much pain I was having on my back and neck. I’ve been going through a healing process and the sound healing helped me to feel like a new person. The following morning I was almost pain free! I know it’s a process for everyone and I’m blessed the universe answered my call and sent me over to Daniela, she is definitely an Angel sent from heaven to help us. I’m so grateful for all she did for me and I look forward to more sessions with her.

May the universe keep blessing her and guiding her 🙏🏻 🌟 sending her unconditional love!

Thank you!!
— Lina Guerrero
Daniela was such a beautiful soul, I truly immediately felt as if I had known her my entire life. I opened up to her about things not even the people closest to me know about & felt such comfort the entire time. Her guidance was so genuine & pure. She gave me the clarity I’ve needed for such a long time to attract positive experiences into my life. Her advice is something I will use everyday. I had been feeling so blocked emotionally and spiritually, and for the first time in what seems like forever I opened up and cried to her about all the tension and anxiety I had bottled in me. This entire experience changed my life in ways I didn’t even think were possible. During the reiki session, I had an out of body experience and that was the true sign to me that I had officially transitioned into a new and wonderful phase in my life. My angel card reading was exactly what I needed to confirm that everything we spoke about and the advice she gave me was accurate and spot on. Daniela, thank you thank you thank you for allowing me to experience your talent and gift. You have touched my life in ways I can’t even put into words. I truly love and adore you.
— Lindsey Branam
My online session with Daniela was not what I was expecting, it was so much more! I reached out to Daniela because I was feeling lost, disconnected from myself, and unhappy with a few different areas of my life. I knew I needed change; I felt it within me.. I felt stuck, wasn’t sure how or where to begin. Just starting off on my spiritual journey I felt drawn to her &decided to book a healing and Reiki session with an angel card reading. During my online session with Daniela, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Without passing judgment she helped me face some truths &helped me better understand what could have cause me to feel this way I was feeling. She showed me alternative ways to deal with what I am dealt. She reminded me on how important it is to love yourself unconditionally; something I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember. Daniela also helped me realize that we are a reflection of ourselves; what you put out you receive back. After my Reiki session I was left feeling in tune& peaceful; Daniela helped spark a flame inside of me. I’m glad I got to connect with her. From Daniela’s loving energy, to her kind& soothing voice, you can tell she genuinely cares for the well beings of others; she truly is an inspiration. I would recommend anyone who needs that spark lit to reach out to her, she is a wonderful blessing to this world.
— Emily (New Jersey)
I have known Daniela for 6 years. From the moment we met, I knew that she was special. I felt as if we had known each other from a past life; she has always been the most beautiful, caring soul. I’m so thankful to have met Daniela, as she has changed my life in the most positive way. My first session with Her was one year ago, and it was nothing short of magical. We sat and talked about life and then I got my Reiki/Crystal Healing. During the treatment, it felt as if I levitated out of my body and was traveling through light beams. When I woke up, I felt like a new person; I had a strong sense of freedom and felt cleansed from any pain I was holding inside.
A few days ago, I decided to go back to Daniela for a second session. Naturally, I was so excited to not only see her but to experience what I had felt the year before. To my amazement, the sensations I felt were even more powerful. Our session lasted a few hours; we cried, we laughed and in the end I felt stronger than I have ever felt in my entire life. The experience that I had in this second session brought me to a place of enlightenment about the need for healthy boundaries in my life. Today, I have the strength and courage to walk away from people and situations, that no longer serve me positively. As with the first Reiki session, I again experienced an out of body experience.
Daniella’s therapy is truly a gift, and I will forever be grateful to her for opening a path towards greater self-realization. I walked away feeling as light as a feather and my mind and heart were clear.
— Carly Morgan
Sweet Daniela, I want to express to you the abundance of gratitude I feel in my heart for our session yesterday. Your bright pink aura was undeniable. From the moment we began to converse, to the powerful Reiki work you did, to the ever so empowering sound healing, down to the meditation was something I will carry with me always. I feel so grounded, you gave me something I’d been seeking for so long.... geniuine kindliness. Thank you for sharing your light. I am too grateful to the universe for blessing me with the opportunity to share space and time with you. YOU ARE A FORCE OF BEAUTY in every sense of the word.
— Daniela Ortega
Daniela is a true healer… she has a deep connection to mother earth, is highly intuitive and brings with her the ancient wisdom of our ancestors to create a sacred space for us to feel cradled and supported to heal, to release and re-new our body, mind and soul. Daniela is a powerful goddess who is such a gift to our community, her willingness to serve and share her beautiful gifts is a blessing I am so grateful to have received. Thank you Daniela!!!
— Michelle Alva
I have been on my spiritual journey for a few years now, discovering the infinite light within myself. This year has been especially groundbreaking. Even with all the milestones I’ve reached, I felt like something was blocking me from truly being able to love myself completely. During my session with Daniela today, I was able to remove those blockages through our exchange. She guided me, helped me be able to look at myself in the mirror and make an oath to myself. My reiki session was so powerful, it was exactly what I needed to help me understand what is manifesting inside me and all around me. Thank you Daniela for the love, guidance, tears, reflection and mutual understanding.
— Kathy
Thank you so much Daniela for your spirit. Immediately upon speaking with you, I felt your serene energy & I felt so safe. Your energy allowed me to be open & to receive. I am so filled with gratitude. I made peace with so many parts of myself that I once was ashamed of. In this moment I accept all that I am & I LOVE all that I am. My inner child is dancing so freely, she is at peace now. Thank you for reminding me to trust in pachamama, for I am unconditionally loved & supported. I feel so inspired & so divinely guided. I feel my angels all around me! Thank you, thank you. I love you!
— Lo Artiz
My whole life I have been blessed to have my mother and my best friend as healers, specializing in Reiki. But since they are hours from me, I decided to visit Daniela. I had been having a rough time processing some life changes, and had struggled with anxiety and depression related to some health issues. I was able to get an appointment right away for the first of a few sessions of Reiki therapy. We were able to speak via phone first so I could fill her in on everything. From the moment I first spoke to her, it felt as if I had known her for a long time. She is warm, gentle and down to earth. Her voice is super soothing and she exudes authenticity. My first session we spent time chatting and going over all the things I wanted to work on. After that, she did amazing energy work on me. She uses all styles of musical tools and therapy to assist as well. After the first session, I feel I released a lot of what was blocking me from being able to feel freely. Release of the depression, anxiety and feelings of frustration give me a feeling that I am much more connected to my Source, and myself. Even my career, which is stressful, doesn’t bother me as much. I can now objectively view situations when grief or anxiety try to creep back in. I now can acknowledge my power over things I perceive as painful events. After the session she went over everything with me, regarding my daily practice and meditation and how to excel within my own power. I greatly recommend Dani for Reiki and any spiritual or holistic assistance you may need. She goes above and beyond in her approach and makes healing a joy.
— Grace Lamey
Today I had by far one of the most amazing experiences in my life. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Reiki, here is the definition : “A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.” I WAS a person full of fears, with alot of denial within myself. I wasn’t aware of these things until speaking with my lovely friend Daniela, once she laid me down and started her beautiful work, I felt a sense of calmness and a “it’s okay” feeling floating within me. I felt peace. I definitely felt her amazing high vibrations. After the session was done, I felt like a BRAND NEW PERSON (not even kidding) I felt a tingly sensation all over my body, I even expressed to Daniela, “I feel so weird I can’t even explain it”.
This unfamiliar feeling to me I believe was a sense of peace and acceptance which I was not ever familiar with. As of today I say I am a better me. She restored my physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health. I believe everyone should have this experience (Align yo chakras up and get yo shit together). Daniela is amazing, please feel free to contact her.
— Ashley
Wow, what a phenomenal experience! I don’t even know where to begin, thank you so much Daniela for showing me what life is really all about and teaching me different ways in how to approach a situation. I can’t put in words what this session did to me but THANK YOU!! My spirit is open and my angels have spoken. I cannot wait for the next session.
— Stephanie Reyno
I’ve had a couple of sessions with Dani over the last several months and must say they keep getting better and better. It’s truly pure magic and a new experience every time! She has been a key puzzle piece in my journey and I will forever be grateful to have her in my life. Dani holds space for me to be free and fully surrender to the universe. The sessions with her have helped me connect with my true self, learn how to listen to my intuition, and to pay attention to the signs. This process has taught me how to be fully present, how to let go and trust. The messages received are always confirmation of the work being done. Reiki is like a tune up for my body and soul. I absolutely love my sessions with Dani and I’m already manifesting our next session!
— Yesenia Prieto
Today’s Reiki session was fulfilling to the soul. The pieces to the puzzle were connected, which gave me a complete understanding of my current state. Daniela and I spoke for a while about different aspects of my life and when I picked out Angel Cards, everything we had just talked about was reflected in each of the cards. Working outdoors in nature allowed me to see how powerful the signs can be at all times if we look beyond. Daniela, radiated light and transmitted all her pure energy. After I left, my awareness reached a higher level of understanding. I really look forward to another healing therapy with her!
— Lina Cale
Serendipity is always a funny experience. Life has recently been guiding me to the right time and circumstance. One by one, I have been encountering other conscious siblings which have been telling me that it is time to heal. Through them, specifically through my beautiful friend Amanda, I was led to Daniela who has helped me remember what we all tend to forget: our connection to Source. I have a tendency to rebelliousness of imposed false guidance, but as soon as I met Daniela, Life spoke loud and clear. On my way to her, all numbers were eerily in alignment (e.i: 11:11, 12:34, etc) and on that same day after the session I was able to keep my hectic work environment and myself zen. On the days following the Reiki session, is when the magic truly began. She had previously informed me that I would be receiving messages, and as a poet I understood what she meant because to write I have always connected to something higher, but the abundance of messages I have received have been more intense and clear and beautiful. My connection to our Mother planet, and to the Universe, and to our siblings has deepened immensely and the blissfulness is unexplainable. It is something you’ve to experience for yourself. Reiki is a necessary Medicine for healing and you’ve nothing to lose but the imposed beliefs of your conditioning. A vessel like you and I, Daniela will guide you back to yourself. Reiki will open doors for you, and I know that is only the beginning.
— Jessica Velasquez
During the whole session I felt a deep connection filled with lots of reflective wisdom of the many mysteries of this lifetime, along with a strong feeling of compassion, understanding, and fascination. Throughout the procedure of the Reiki healing I could feel her potent energy penetrating the very neurons and dendrites of my brain, activating it in such a gentle nurturing wave. As her hands shifted in each energy center of my body I felt the radiating light flowing into my bones and muscles, leaving me in such relaxing state yet in a replenished way. The very vibrations of the sacred sounds were stimulating, making me feel really present of every cell responding positively to each frequency making me one with it. When the session ended I felt clear, confident, and rejuvenated. Such nurturing and love into her service that I am feeling recalibrated and steady in alignment, definitely will come back to her.
— Kathy Del Angel
I started following Daniella a little over a year ago and always felt connected and inspired by her work. On Sunday, we finally connected in person for my first reiki session, ever. Daniella was nothing but understanding and loving, despite arriving 10mins late. I loved the setting she created for me, so perfect and fitting for that beautiful day. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. It was quite, serene and felt peaceful sitting in the midst of nature; connecting with mother earth. We sat down and instantly connected. Daniella has a soft, loving vibe to her and very transparent like myself. Thus, allowing me to feel comfortable and speak freely, it felt like a bonding therapeutic/spiritual experience. Daniella then, took me on a journey through mediation to visit parts of me that needed my love and attention. Upon opening my eyes, she served as my reflection and spoke to the little girl inside. It was emotional and liberating. I am endlessly grateful for her compassion and her work. During the actual reiki session, I felt very comfortable and indrawn. I enjoyed the feel of the sun, the music, the scents and her gently hands, immediately felt refreshed afterwards. Lastly, Daniella felt called to work with angel cards, the messages were so relevant! I felt 100% guided by my angels. After session was complete, right before I walked away, Daniella spoke very sweet and meaning words which linger in my heart, I needed them. Since then, she’s maintained connected, proving me the guidance and support i need for my post session feels and unfolding changes. Thank you Daniella, for providing awareness to my unconscious narrative of fear and for being part of my journey. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we will connected soon again.
— Celia
Thank you for our session. Your calm and intuitive nature helped to provide a unique opportunity for me to bring my vulnerabilities to the surface, dissolve any lingering distractions, and express gratitude. It was an experience that was able to help wash away indwelling energetic debris. “There is no good or bad, only exploration.
— Giovanni
Dani, I just wanted to share my deep and abiding gratitude for yesterday’s session. The combination of the earthly elements from where we were along with your crystals and sound healing, and just our energies meshing in general was so incredibly powerful and soothing when I needed it most. You’re a healer in the purest form and I’m blessed to have you as a soul sister.
— Ginna
I usually don’t post about anyone but my exception goes to this beautiful soul of a woman that goes by the name of Daniela. Embedded with love and light comparable to the brightest star in the universe she has literally opened the gates of gratuity and unconditional love into my soul. I wanna thank you, not just for your services but being the voice inside of me to always move forward and stay focused. I love you.
— Charles Jane
I met Daniela last year on the final session of Sacred Union of the Self and since that day I was inspired by her work and energy supporting a beautiful community full of encouragement and unconditional love. I was interested on doing a private reiki session but I couldn’t make the time until this Tuesday and I don’t have enough words to express how amazing/liberating it was. Dani set up a gorgeous and delicate space were I felt secure and comfortable to open myself. We started talking to explore the areas that needed more attention; she taught me practical ways to explore my feelings deeply and have a better understanding of who I am, loving and accepting all of me, shadow-self included. Later, the reiki session started, I loved the sounds, music, aromas and her gentle touch making me feel connected with my inner child. When we finished I felt grounded, peaceful, clear minded and forever grateful with her compassion and love. Once again, thank you Daniela for helping me to bring awareness of my inner goddess and making me realize I am so ready to play and love this journey. All my love and light.
— Agustina
Ever since my Reiki session with Daniela, I’ve been so happy and excited for the future again. My Reiki session was so amazing and powerful, I still smile every time I think about it. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect before seeing her, but it was like if we had been friends our whole life. She’s so easy to talk to, so I immediately opened up to her. She listens with her heart, I connected with her right away. She made me realize so many things about myself, and it made me love myself even more. Her love, light and healing sounds were so amazing! Not only did it help me but also my family. And her affirmations of how connected, open and awaken I am made me so happy. She’s such a beautiful soul. I’d recommend this to everybody. I’m so blessed and grateful to have met this beautiful girl.
— Cristi Stone
Hello Daniela, this is Miguel; I was one of the interns at International Recovery Center. With the agency closing I was not able to say bye or thank you. I learned so much from you, things that I can use, no… things that I am using to better my life and the lives of the people around me. Thank you for reminding me that I am a creator, that whatever situation I am going through, is just an opportunity to better myself. Thank you for teaching me to love all of me. The anxious Miguel, the sad Miguel, the angry Miguel, the violent Miguel; that way whenever these versions of me are present, they do not feel overwhelming because they are loved! Thank you for teaching me that saying, “I’m tired” is a limiting belief and that I can use the energy from the universe whenever I feel like that. How can I be tired if I literally have access to the energy of the universe! You have taught me so much and I am eternally grateful for that. I do not want this to be goodbye, I would love to see you in the future, no… You know what? I’m just going to create it. You and I will meet in the future and we will be successful and prosperous, joyful and at peace, and better versions of ourselves. Like I said before, you have a gift. Keep doing what you are doing and you are going to go so far; you are going to help so many people! Thank you again, for everything. If there is ever a time you would like my help with anything please don’t hesitate in asking me.
— Miguel Danois
I’m very sensitive to energy and since the first time I met Dani I could sense she has a very special aura...she’s very in tune with herself as well as her surroundings and people’s needs.
I loved how Dani smells like incense and nature essences, how she speaks calmly with a low tone, and how she’s truly open to connect with others. She really listens to you with her whole being - something I find very admirable and rare to find nowadays.
When I had my light codes wellness reiki session I was able to not only feel but really see her light. Her aura is so glowy that I actually could see her star! Not only a healer but a true angel put on this realm to help and guide others.
I left our session feeling so balanced, peaceful and grateful...thank you, Dani!
I wish everyone could experience a light codes wellness session!
— Mariana Munich
I have no words to express the amazing experience I had with Daniela. I’ve known her since we were in middle school and her transformation has inspired me. Coming from a family that is spiritual and Reiki certified, but miles and hours apart I decided to reach out to Dani since we live in the same city and wanted to see her in person. The moment I arrived to my session, I felt her amazing energy and love. I loved our Reiki session and being able to express all my fears and for someone to finally understand me and not judge me and show me the beauty of loving oneself and everything around your. I highly recommend Daniela for any Reiki, holistic or spiritual help you need. She is truly a Gem. Thank you.
— Renata Bitar
I will say this time and time again, Daniela is an angel.. she has helped me and my partner heal in so many ways .. I felt a rebirth last night in our session. Sometimes we find ourselves lost in anger and the chaos of the world and she gave us so much knowledge and advice on how to remain sane and how to manifest things in our lives that will work in our favor. I feel like I released years and years of stress off of my shoulders and I’m able to now walk around everyday glowing with love and light.. Yesterday we expressed things to her from our personal lives and experiences as a couple and she helped heal so many open wounds and reminded us to remain in the moment and enjoy each other’s presence.. I am eternally grateful for Daniela.. thank you thank you thank you for what you do and for having such a beautiful heart.
— Adriana Gaviria
Daniela Salazar’s compassion, insight, and intuition during our session were absolutely incredible. She creates an atmosphere of pure and devotional love and maintains a space of deep reverence, which made me feel safe in what can be a vulnerable place to be in. The place of being the one healed. The Reiki and energy cleansing during our session was profound. At the very beginning of our session, I felt that she had begun channeling the Divine Mother and the love and wisdom the Divine Mother carries. Which was synchronized with other messages I had begun receiving from the Universe recently. I felt the light that was being channeled through her hands was gently washing over me, over my chakras, over my heart and subconscious beliefs like a cool stream, bringing relief, joy, and peace to any parts of my being that were not operating at the same frequency as the Divine Mother. The crystal grids that Daniela lays down around your body was also a powerful part of the session with her. I could feel my body recharging with the presence of the crystals. We ended the session with picking cards from two of the oracle decks that she has, which was a perfect way to end the session. Her insight and recommendations have enriched my life and I recommend her healing services with no reservations.
— Daniel Higuera
I really had no idea what to expect from the session since I had never done reiki before. I just finished a session with Daniela and I am so grateful for the experience and energy work she did on me. I left the session with some deep confirmations and a very clear and direct message guiding me to the next step I must take. I’m so thankful that I listened to my intuition and connected with Daniela. She is a true representation of the beauty of this work and helped guide me to deeper understandings about myself and how to better connect to my inner voice. I experienced a direct shift occur inside and left the healing session feeling so clear and so full of love. Thank you deeply for the work you do Daniela. I’m looking forward to connecting with you again.
— Mary Joe
Daniela has such a beautiful soul, Her guidance was so genuine & pure. She helped me realize so many things about myself, and it made me love myself even more. Her advice is something I will use everyday. I haven’t been feeling like myself emotionally and spiritually, and for the first time i can feel like a new me a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. This entire experience was amazing i can’t even put it into words. My angel card reading was exactly what I needed to confirm that everything we spoke about and the advice she gave me was accurate. I’d definitely recommend this to every body. I’m so grateful to have met her Daniela, thank you for everything you have such a beautiful talent. You are amazing girl.
— Kathy Amador
Soooo I’ve been following Daniella for about 5 years. I’ve really seen her transform and become this amazing individual! I finally had the opportunity to do a session with her. Consisted of reiki and cleansing. I did it with two other friends/business partners we wanted to all vibrate at the same frequency since we want to create! The sessions with her was absolutely amazing almost felt like a quick lil mental vacation. Her touch is so soft and gentle yet felt. Her choice to higher our vibrations and her intuitiveness with the individual is seriously spot on! Can’t wait to tune up again with her, and the best part she was also a person who was open to us and we were able to share a great talk. It’s been 3 days since I did it. I wanted to really see the energy. Here’s what I feel
1. Clarity: I’ve feel more clear
2. Optimistic: i feel connected and happy
3. Open heart: my heart is more open
4. Center: I feel more in my own skin and gut center
5. Faith: I let go and feel protected my the universe
6. Awareness: my awareness is almost natural. My choices are easier to make
— Jamille Perez
Cuando conocí a Daniela enseguida me sentí muy conectada con ella por su dulzura, calma y el amor que trasmite. Es una muchacha con un gran espíritu dispuesta a ayudar a las personas con su gran don que es el Reiki. Daniela me ha enseñado amar lo bueno y lo malo y a aceptar todas las facetas de mi existencia . Amar y a confiar en mi camino sin juzgar. Cada sección es mágica y con un mensaje diferente . No veo la hora que mi bebe te conozca y que tus manos sean un luz para el o ella. Que Dios te guíe y te ilumine en tu camino. Te quiero!
— Sacha
Transcendental. Multi-Faceted. Fulfilling. Every component of my session with Daniela resonates with me in an inexplicable manner. For a while I had considered Reiki healing but had reservations. Recently, all roads have been leading to Daniela but I neglected to take action. Finally, Yessy took the liberty of setting up my first Reiki healing. Although we hadn’t previously “met”, seeing Daniela for the first time felt like running into an old friend. I surrendered to Daniela without much expectation yet trusting that she could guide me in the right direction. She provided the tools and the environment I needed to experience inner peace and connect with my surroundings. Daniela was quick to realize that my mind was at 100 mph and my mental health was not at its prime. Her vibrant energy facilitated my understanding of the power we have when we just stop, breathe and take a moment to be present. Our session exceeded my expectations in so many ways, Daniela has taught me the power of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, to detach and that mother nature genuinely senses our gratitude. The messages I received were spot on and had been knocking at my door for months just waiting to be acknowledged. Thank you Daniela for pointing out these messages to me and allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of my purpose on this Earth. This is just the beginning of a new chapter and I look forward to embarking on this journey with you.
— Nathalie Santos
Before visiting Daniela I was feeling just like my iPhone: no space for the new stuff that life was trying to gift me with, I was trying to “update” but wasn’t sure how. Before the ceremony I was feeling nervous but she made me feel GOOD, welcomed... calm... open... recharged and “updated”. It’s been only a couple of hours but I feel like a caterpillar that become a butterfly. Thank you so much, Daniela! Writing all this and feeling so much relaxed, wow!
— Leeysa
Daniela, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have so much gratitude in my heart right now. You are a true light worker and I am so happy that you share your gift with others. Today’s Reiki session was very special; as a first timer I didn’t know what to expect but your calmness and positive radiant energy really resonated throughout and made this experience magical and one that I will never forget. I am so so grateful that our souls have crossed paths. Keep shinning your love and light on others, you are meant for this! Thank you again.
— Jennifer
My session with Daniela was purely divine. Daniela incorporated a combination
of reiki, therapy, singing bowls, essential oils, crystals and angel cards in our magical session. We first set the intention for our session - My intention was on expanding and elevating my frequency/love vibrations. During our session, I felt like I was visiting another dimension - I experienced INCREDIBLE visions and messages that provided me with many answers to my current and future self. The images, colors, textures and emotions sweetly embraced my whole essence … I felt energy circulating throughout my abdomen area ~ Apparently I even twitched during our session (which is supposed to be a good sign) Daniela and I had a heart to heart talk after, and we played with some angel cards. The confirmations of messages that I received through my angel card reading, our heart to heart convo and our healing session was all in alignment… so surreal, but real! With that being said, for anyone needing an extra boost, a guide, a transformational shift I strongly strongly strongly recommend visiting Daniela. Please feel free to contact me directly at for any further questions or recommendations!
— Nicole Mandowsky
One session and I already knew the energy that was being exchanged would help open certain doors I simply wanted to keep closed. Not only was I able to bring certain internal fears to light for processing, but I was able to explore the connection with another version of myself through Dani’s loving presence. The ability to accept, to forgive, and to allow healing for oneself is a sacred special moment, one that I am forever grateful to have experienced and began sharing with her.
— Monika Arenas
I was blessed to have met Daniela about five months ago and was immediately drawn to her spirit and love for life and the energies that create us. I was hesitant at first for Reiki and meditation but after the third session I was blown away by the incredible awareness and tranquility that I was able to achieve with Daniela. Throughout the rehabilitation and recovery journey I have taken these last months, Daniela has helped me grow spiritually and peacefully with her grace and gentle approach to life. I have not only grown to respect her work and vision but to truly love her as a lighted person in my life. Today I was able to have my first one on one Reiki session with her and once again was blown away and so was she! Our energies were completely heightened as I have transitioned into a new stage in my life and she felt it. I truly felt an out of body experience that we were able to identify as an “upgrade.” As usual, the angel cards I drew were right on target with the messages I needed to hear. Today was the perfect session I needed for this enlightened Holy Week in March. Dani, I love you very much and thank you everyday for the peace you have helped me find within that I seeked for so long. You always know what is going on in my mind before we even speak. I look forward to continuing these beautiful self awareness sessions that always set my mind at ease and continue to amaze me. Thank you thank you.
— Christy Barrios
Growing pains,” she said. Daniela’s words resonated from the get go. This was my first reiki session and it will not be my last. I was in search of answers to the the start of something I alone could not bring myself to manifest. My blockages are something I was aware of. The unbalance was something I was facing. Daniela put that into perspective so well for me. She. Kept. It. Real. My emotions just came out flooding and for that I am grateful. I do not think it was a coincidence that the sun came out full force to end my session with her. The messages were clear. Thank You Daniela.
— Lilly
So blessed and thankful to have met a beautiful soul and light worker Daniela today. Having been on my own little spiritual journey for some time and self learning what I know today I wanted to connect with someone who understands and can assist me in my spiritual path and conscious growth. I know I have only really scratched the surface of my spirituality. I had been feeling some resistance recently and felt a need for some energy healing. Connecting with her served as a reminder of who I really AM and helped me tap back into a sense of awareness and reminded me that we are creators of our current reality. She also explained how I should accept and send unconditional love to any resistance that shows up in my life which I was having trouble doing by not realizing that feeling resistance will just bring on more resistance. Daniela’s love and soothing tone made me feel so at peace. We meditated on gratitude together, I cried, and had a realization that nothing is missing. I am whole. I am love. We ended with an amazing Reiki session that left me feeling radiant and energized and an Angel Card Reading. Thank you for sharing this sacred space with me Daniela! Definitely looking forward to more growth and guidance.
— Ody Castillo
My Reiki session with Daniela was far more than just a simple wellness treatment. It was a powerful experience of a greater state of being. She created a beautiful sacred space full of essential oils, instruments, and crystals. She intuited and reflected many helpful insights about my personal process towards remembering wholeness. After the Reiki session I felt nurtured, empowered, and upgraded down to a cellular level. I am deeply grateful for Daniela’s gifts.
— Phillo Lila
Today, I had the opportunity to meet and talk with a beautiful soul. Daniela opened her heart and mind to me. She allowed me to share parts of my human experience with her, judgement free. She embraced me with open arms and brought me to the realization that we are all reflections of each other. Through her spirit, and her healing and warming intentions, she provided me with an amazing, enlightening Reiki session. If you are searching for light in your life, or you need someone to talk to and guide you towards a better version of yourself, please don’t hesitate to reach out to her. She’s a majestic soul waiting to help you. Thank you!
— Amanda Vazquez
Where do I begin? This experience with this woman has done much more for me that I could even begin to explain. I was connected to what I needed to let go of for so long, and finally I can be at peace from the loved ones around me who are suffering. I was brought to realization that the people who are outlasting in this life, might of been an angel in another life trying to experience what it’s like to be bad or have a bad side and to just let them know simply “Thank you. Thank you for showing me who I don’t need to be ever. Thank you for experiencing your own path the way you want because I have to respect that.” The Earth does not choose our paths, we are in complete control, in a form, we are God as he is living through us and seeing different experiences. Today I realized I am always focusing on everyone else in my career, life and friends around me. It is now time for me to focus on myself at this time in my life. I have realized I have a special connection to another life around me, and it’s so special that I shouldn’t have to hide it or be afraid to tell anybody. A ton of life experiences have happened to me since I chose to be at peace with myself, to love myself, and most of all: to keep loving others around me by giving my positive energy to whom it pleases to channel to. Thank you for helping me be stronger. Thank you for everything. So much. You have brought me to the path I needed to be on. It was both a pleasure, honor and destiny in my life to meet you.
— Heather Leigh
Had the most incredible experience with Daniela, thank you for making me feel whole again. I don’t think I would be the strong independent woman I am today without you. Thank you for making me see life in a different way. I love you!
— Christina
I have done reiki sessions with Daniela for a while now and I can honestly say it gets better each time. She always makes you feel welcome and safe during her sessions. The room or space is always full of great positive energy for the healing. I, personally, get colorful visuals during the meditation healing process. I highly recommend Daniela for reiki and truthful guidance. She is a true intuitive and everything you converse about will be spot on and open your eyes. I am greatly thankful that she has come in my life as a healer, guide and friend.
— Sean Pierre

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