Sage Collection

Sage Collection

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Sustainably sourced, created, or designed by Daniela Sage.

Quartz Shaker

Quartz Shaker


The Quartz Shaker is a beautiful and powerful sacred instrument that was handcrafted by integral local Peruvian artisans from the Sacred Valley.

The hand-selected Quartz Crystal is known as a master crystal because it holds ancient codes of light that heal, cleanse, empower, and amplify our energies. This stone is ideal for activating all the chakras, supercharging your intentions, and accelerating manifestations.

The orange Peruvian Spondylus detail in the center is from a sea shell that is well-known in the Inca tradition. It provides an energy of inner peace, grace, serenity, and patience.

The head of the shaker is made out of horse skin and hair. The Artisans confirmed the horse died of natural causes, such as old age.

Use this sacred shaker to create beautiful music, to sing along with others, and to clear stagnant energies in the auric field by shaking it around the aura with the intention to cleanse.

Blue Altar Cloth is included.


Cleanse + Charge with Sage, Palo Santo, Copal, Incense, or Selenite Wand.

Sustainable. Handmade. One of a kind.

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