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Blue Chakana Fringe Bag

Blue Chakana Fringe Bag


The Blue Chakana Fringe Bag is a one-of-a-kind intentional statement-piece sourced by Daniela Sage during her travels in Peru and is handcrafted by integral local Peruvian artisans from the Sacred Valley.

The center crystal of Chrysocolla is said to be a stone of communication as it activates better expression, empowerment and sharper skill-sets. The turquoise-green color soothes anxious feelings and brings forth steady, cool, and serene vibrations.

The upper left Lemurian Clear Quartz is known as a master crystal because it holds ancient codes of light that heal, cleanse, empower, and amplify our energies. This stone is ideal for activating all the chakras, supercharging your intentions, and accelerating manifestations.

The “Chakana” is the Inca Cross, also called the Cruz Andina or Andean Cross. The three levels (or steps)  represent the three worlds of the Inca belief system. This includes the lower or underworld, Uqhu Pacha, represented by the snake; the middle world, that of the humans, called Kay Pacha and represented by the puma; and finally the upper world of the Gods, Hanan Pacha, represented by the condor.


Cleanse + Charge with Sage, Palo Santo, Copal, Incense, or a Selenite Wand.

Sustainable. Handmade.

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