Daniela believes community support and collaboration is essential to living a healthy and fulfilled life. She aims to create a Wellness Center on a self-sustaining farmland that serves as a Healing Headquarters and Sacred Temple where it's members can fully immerse themselves into their spirituality and receive holistic services that promote self-discovery, healing, and enlightenment. The wellness center will also serve as an animal sanctuary and agricultural hub, which will create new jobs and strengthen community ties. Daniela serves as a channel for the Divine and believes all generations can unite as one in efforts to innovate and create a new era of higher consciousness where everyone operates at their highest potential, and in harmony with the Earth, to thrive together as one human race.

If you have a similar vision and would like to collaborate, please contact Daniela... Many Blessings!


Photo taken by Andrea Sarcos during The Amazons Retreat, a Women's Empowerment Retreat, led by Daniela in Peru June 2018.